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Finally, home security for renters! Get a Canary and You’re Set.

There are so many home security systems on the market BUT there’s one big downfall for renters. They are not available or renters, only home owners. Maybe you might get lucky enough to rent a house or apartment where the owners have had a security system installed, but even with that as the renter, you rarely have complete control over the system. How to solve that? Get a Canary from Verizon Wireless.

No, I’m not talking about the cute little yellow bird (although those do add  a splash of color & life to the rental). I’m talking about the Canary, smart home security for everyone.

I’ve been using the Canary for two weeks and I’m finally much less nervous leaving my apartment. I’ve always been one of those people who worries just a bit about home security even when I’m home. I’ve had my home broken into and the feeling isn’t anything I want feel again. But as a renter my whole adulthood, I’ve never been able to get a home security system. Instead I do what many renters do, I have dogs. Dogs who bark loud when people enter my apartment.

Not sure how thrilled my pup is that I have replaced his only job though. Yes, the Canary will replace your guard dog. Sorry dogs.

No wiring, not installation technician to come set it up, NO monthly monitoring prices. Also no annoying keypads with security codes to remember. Your control is through your mobile device (app available on iOS and Android).

The best feature: the Canary is one piece and many would mistake it for a harddrive or not even notice it. It blends right into the home environment. It took me less than ten minutes to set up. You can connect to your wifi (not for use with local location wide public wifi) or throughout a direct Ethernet connection to your internet modem.

With your mobile device handy, you make an account, connect via a cord provided to your device for a few minutes and BOOM. All set up and ready to monitor people coming and going from your home, what is going on in your home via 1080p HD video live video feed with audio.

Best yet, it auto arms the alarm when you leave your home. Have more than one person at the residence? Each person can have a Canary account and connect to the device. When everyone leaves (even not all at once-after the last person) the Canary will activate the alarm.

Canary has no installation fees and no monthly fees. The app will alert you when there is movement in your residence, sudden temperature changes and air quality. The Canary can also loop in your emergency contacts for alert. This is especially awesome for travelers!

canary features

The camera is high quality too, you’re not sacrificing video quality with this product. 1080p HD, 147° wide-angle lens (for me that means the whole hallway) plus it has night vision and motion detection. For audio, the Canary has a built in speaker and high quality microphone plus 90+ dB siren.

Have a big place to monitor or multiple floors? Yes, you can add additional Canary devices as well to create a remote of monitors. If I get the loft apartment I’m planning on, I’m definitely adding one more camera. It is even good in the nursery or playroom for parents.

And yes, when home you can turn off the video record and audio recording feature. This is a concern of many who don’t want their lives being video taped. I completely understand. When I am home during the daytime I keep the audio and video off at times.

At a price point of $250 per unit, it is a great investment in your home’s security. If you do get one, remember to let your rental insurance agent know, you may get a discount on your monthly insurance bill. The Canary come in white, black and silver. I like the all black unit the best as it blends effortlessly into my home decor. You can order Canary at: Verizon Wireless

Welcome to having home security, renters!

*Disclosure: I am a member of Verizon’s Influencer Team – #VZWBuzz and receive phones and other accessories from time to time to review. No financial compensation is provided and opinions are always my own.

*Disclosure: I am a member of Verizon’s Influencer Team – #VZWBuzz and receive phones and other accessories from time to time to review. No financial compensation is provided and opinions are always my own.



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4 Comments on Finally, home security for renters! Get a Canary and You’re Set.

  1. Great review of the Canary! I’ve been eyeballing these myself. Even though I’m not a renter, we are still hoping to move soon and so this we could take with us to our new house!

    • It’s definitely an amazing device or home owners and renters alike. Plus think of how wonderful it is to not have a monthly monitoring company bill. I think this device really puts control in the owners hands. Plus think of all the cute Annie footage you’ll get (you can record the live feed).

  2. Hey NoniShaney,

    Love this piece. I work with Resolution Products and we’d love to do a feature guest post with you on our site about the importance of automating your home. let me know if you’re interested and I can give you my contact info!


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